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Course Description
Extraordinary advances in sequencing technology in the past decade have revolutionized biology and medicine. Many high-throughput sequencing based assays have been designed to make various biological measurements of interest. This course explores the various computational and statistical problems that arises from processing high throughput sequencing data. Specific problems we will study include genome assembly, haplotype phasing, RNA-Seq quantification, single cell RNA-seq analysis, etc. Specific techniques we will learn to solve these problems include spectral algorithms, dynamic programming, the EM algorithm, PCA, FDR, etc. Through this course, the student will also get familiar with various software tools developed for the analysis of real sequencing data.
Course Staff
Instructor: David Tse (dntse _at_
Teaching assistants: Govinda Kamath (gkamath _at_ , Jesse Zhang (jessez _at_
Office hours: Mon 3:00-4:00pm and Thurs 3:15-4:15pm at Packard 264 for instructor, Mon 11:00am-12:00pm at Packard 104 for teaching assistants
Lectures times
Tuesday, Thursday 1:30-2:50pm at 540-108
  • Class participation: 10%
  • Scribing: 10%
  • Problem sets (3-4) : 30%
  • Project: 50%